How to Add Additional Student Information

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InContact allows you to add additional student information such as alternative email, parent's phone number and even extra curriculum activity that the student is involved in. So you can have all the necessary information within a page!


Before adding an additional contact information,

  • The contact information added through InContact will not be reflected in your institution SIS. If the change of information is permeant, it is recommended to update through the SIS.
  • Check that the course filter is set to show the course of the student that you wish to add additional information to. 

Step 1:

Click on the pencil icon of the student that you wish to add additional contact information to. A separate window should pop-up.mceclip0.png

Step 2:


1. Description

Label the contact information that you wish to input such as alternative email or parent's cellphone.

2. Text

Fill in the contact information.

3. Add

Click on the plus icon to add this new contact information. 

4. Save 

You can edit existing contact information if you wish to. After editing, click on the floppy disk icon to save it.

5. Delete

Click on the trash can icon to remove the corresponding contact information. 


Alternatively, you can also easily upload these information for multiple students using a CSV file. Click HERE to learn more!


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