Release Notes - All Platforms - 28 November

Page Updated: 25 November 2020

Scheduled Release: 28 November 2020

IntelliBoard Plugin Version for Moodle: 2020120304

WAR File/Building Block Version for BB Learn:

  • BBL 3400+: 1.4.6
  • BBL 3300: 1.4.6



Introducing the OmniBoard! Bring data from all your connections (regardless of LMS) together in one dashboard! From the aggregate visualization, drill down into the data automatically filtered to one connection. (All Platforms) 


New Features 

IntelliBoard for Brightspace has a new way to quickly add InetlliBoard user (SubAccount)!  The account admin can now sync users from Brightspace with their matching data permissions!  

Main subscribers now have the option to be notified of an iHub data processing issue! Enable a 30 hour notification. (Canvas) 

Course ID data element added to build with MAX! (Moodle)  

Needs Grading report now has two new columns: Instructor Name and Group! (Moodle) 

New setting added that allows users' names to display as a link.  Also, users assigned to a vendor are now automatically filtered so vendor only sees own users. (IntelliCart)  

Pre-training fee functionality added. (IntelliCart)  

Implemented refund mechanism to payments! (IntelliCart)  

Allow users to provide a pre-training deposit! (IntelliCart)  

Updates and new data for Zoom reports!  

Update to filters to allow teachers to remain in the selected area of communication even after submitting communication events. (InAttendance)

 This latest feature allows the use of hyperlinks inside the communication event and allows users to open hyperlinks directly from the communication log!  (InAttendance)

You asked- we answered! Communication is now its own separate entity outside of Attendance for easier, more streamlined access! 



Engaged/Not Engaged Totals by Course Details data mapping to Moodle Last Access instead of Time Tracking (Moodle) 

Improvement of Chinese characters support in platform. (Moodle) 

InAttendance loading optimization (Moodle) 

IntelliBoard LTI optimization. (Blackboard Learn)

Processing optimizations to the iHub. (Brightspace) 

Share via API available for MAX and SQL built reports. (Moodle)  

Users and Vendors upload optimization. (IntelliCart)


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