Release Notes - All Platforms - 14 November 2020

Page Updated: 13 November 2020

Scheduled Release: 14 November 2020


IntelliBoard Plugin Version for Moodle: 2020111204

WAR File/Building Block Version for BB Learn:

  • BBL 3400+: 1.4.1
  • BBL 3300: 1.4.41


New Features:

  • To the Census report a Course Role filter was added to narrow to specific course roles (i.e. ability to exclude non-student roles)! Also, a column was added for whether a user has an active enrollment (i.e. students who may have dropped the course and now are suspended)! (Blackboard, Moodle)
  • You can now set Term options in the Schedule Portion of InAttendance!
  • The Assignment Submission Status report now comes with a new filter.  The report can be filtered by all submission types. (Brightspace)  
  • A new column of data has been added to the User Status report for Brightspace!  The report now includes the Instructor Name and is searchable for easy filtering. (Brightspace) 
  • Note: We're hard at work on our NEW version of IntelliBoard! Stay tuned for an update of new features and enhancements for all IntelliBoard clients coming in 2021!


  • Aggregate Site Visits by Date and Hour now reflects user activity based on subaccount. (Canvas) 
  • Exported reports in Canvas now reflect only the columns enabled by the user.  Any unwanted columns no longer appear in the export. (Canvas)  
  • Oldest Ungraded Submission column now accurately reflects the oldest submission that has yet to be graded. (Canvas)   
  • Search feature allows user to search by part of the word or part of course name. (Brightspace)  
  • Time spent calculation has been improved in Activity Progress by Course report.  (Moodle)
  • User Access Analytic now displays accurate time and date stamp of user participation in Canvas. 

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