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Scheduled Enrollments is a list under Sales tab that shows users who have bought products with delayed course enrollment (see Enrollment Options on product editing page). 

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mceclip1.png1) Date filter - Filter enrollments by the date when the product was purchased.

2) Search - Search enrollments by order ID number.

3) User Name - User's First and Last Name as entered in the LMS system who bought a product.

4) Product Name - Product Name as entered that was bought by user.

5) Purchased - Date and time when the product was bought by user.

6) Enrollment Time - Date and time when the user will be enrolled into product course(s).

7) Order ID - The ID number of the order in IntelliCart.

8) Enroll - Enroll user to the product course(s) right now so he/she won't need to wait for Enrollment Time.

9) Delete - Delete pending user so he/she won't be enrolled into product course(s) even when the Enrollment Time comes.

10) Export - Select the file format (CSV / XLS / HTML / JSON / ODS) to download the Scheduled Enrollments list.


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