Release Notes - All Platforms - 12 December 2020

Page Updated: 10 December 2020

Scheduled Release: 12 December 2020

IntelliBoard Plugin Version for Moodle: 2020121404

WAR File/Building Block Version for BB Learn:

  • BBL 3400+: To be Released
  • BBL 3300: To be Released


  • Need to allow payment installments?  We have you covered.   
  • Taxes may now be set up based on additional standard Moodle fields: Country, City and Email.  If the fields match, the taxes will map. 
  • Improved usability for My Courses tab including new filters, list/grid view toggle, and pagination!  
  • IntelliCart order information (user, course name, order, discount, and taxes) can now be imported to QuickBooks Desktop!
  • Manual refund functionality added!  
  • New functionality added for enrollments allowing the option to keep enrollments active after the expiration of course subscription.  Enrollment may also be manually suspended or kept.  
  • New setting, “Enable Subscription start at specific date,” allows subscription to start from enrollment date instead of payment date!  
  • Pre-training payment mechanism added, allowing users to make a first deposit on the product.
  • Application Fee mechanism added to receive payment or fee prior to purchasing any product.  

New Features 

  • A monthly calendar view of communications is now available per teacher request! You can view your communications in calendar style format for easy organization and viewing pleasure! (InContact) 
  • You can now favorite courses in Communication for easy reference and logging! (InContact) 
  • Asked and answered! Teacher Name, Teacher Email, Teacher SIS ID, and Student Start Date have been added to the Communication Record Report for improved organization! (InContact) 
  • Attendance Reporting is now available for use within your institution! (InAttendance) 
  • Nav menu logos added to the Learner Dashboard, Instructor Dashboard, Competency Dashboard, Admin Dashboard and InAttendance! (Moodle)
  • We're hard at work on our NEW version of IntelliBoard! Stay tuned for an update of new features and enhancements for all IntelliBoard clients coming in 2021! 



  • IB User Sync Optimization (Canvas)  
  • Reduction of double send on some notifications (All Platforms)
  • General Report Optimizations (Sort/Search) (Moodle)
  • Date Clarification on Older Ungraded Assignment for Instructor Activity Summary Report (Canvas)
  • Optimization for vendors functionality: if no vendors are assigned to a product, it will be visible to all. (IntelliCart)

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