Release Notes - All Platforms - 26 December 2020

Page Updated: 24 December 2020

Scheduled Release: 26 December 2020

IntelliBoard Plugin Version for Moodle: To Be Released

WAR File/Building Block Version for BB Learn:

  • BBL 3400+: To be Released
  • BBL 3300: To be Released


New Features

  • How do you take attendance in an online course? IntelliBoard's InAttendance now automatically marks learners present or absent for accessing a course within a specified timeframe. 
  • Letter grade and percentage are now available data elements in Attendance Reporting! This allows instructors to make correlations between grade and absences as well as quickly identify students at risk from multiple indicators. 
  • Sort by Last Communication Time within the Student Progress Monitoring Report. This ensures instructors can stay current on who they need to speak with and when. (InContact)  
  • SCA payment method support has been added to Stripe. (IntelliCart)
  • New functionality added for enrollments allowing the option to keep enrollments active after the expiration of course subscription.  Enrollment may also be manually suspended or kept. (IntelliCart) 
  • Free enrollments option and sessions compatibility for Moodle For Workplace. (IntelliCart) 
  • IntelliCart order information (user, course name, order, discount, and taxes) can now be imported to Quickbooks Desktop. (IntelliCart)
  • When utilizing our OmniBoard feature with multiple LMS connections, the drop-down menu is now in alphabetical order. Have multiple connections? Try OmniBoard today to bring all your data together. (All Platforms) 
  • Two monitors added to the Instructor Dashboard inside the Moodle LMS - HTTP Requests (Page Views by Tool) and Course Visits per Day. (Moodle)  
  • Filter by Date Completed added to Activity Stats Summary Report. (Moodle)
  • Added the German Language to the Moodle Plugin Language Pack! (Moodle)  
  • Full export support for Learners tab in Instructor Dashboard. (Moodle) 
  • Course Role column now included on additional reports. (Blackboard Learn) 
  • Note: We're hard at work on our NEW version of IntelliBoard! Stay tuned for an update of new features and enhancements for all IntelliBoard clients coming in 2021! 



  • Optimizations and general updates to monitors and reports. (All Platforms)  
  • Optimizations to Canvas user sync. (Canvas) 
  • Updates to the Yesterday time filter for CEND notifications. (Moodle) 
  • Optimizations for inactive users course filtering. (Blackboard Learn) 
  • Custom data range filtering optimizations (Blackboard Learn)
  • Optimization for vendors functionality: if no vendors are assigned to a product, it will be visible. (IntelliCart) 
  • Fixes to the Storage Usage monitor (Zoom) 


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