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All Sales is a list under Sales tab that shows all product purchasing that were done in the IntelliCart. Seats assignment is also shown in this report. This differs from Invoices report by the ability to review sale details (such as amount paid, discounts applied, etc.) and to do a refund if required.

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1) Status filter - Filter sales by their status (Completed, Pending, Rejected, Suspended, In cart, Waiting for payment, Deleted, Refunded, Refunded Partial, Expired).

2) Billing Type filter - Filter sales by the billing type customers selected when purchasing.

3) Date filter - Filter sales by the date when the product was purchased.

4) Search - Search sales by order ID number, customer name or full email address, or product name.

5) Order ID - The ID number of the order in IntelliCart.

6) Customer - User's First and Last Name as entered in the LMS system who bought a product.

7) Email - User's Email as entered in the LMS system who bought a product.

8) Seat Owner - User's First and Last Name as entered in the LMS system who bought the product seat that we used.

9) Seat Status - Current status of purchased seats (active/expired (inactive)).

10) Products - Product Name(s) as entered that was bought by user.

11) Paid On - Date when the product was bought by user.

12) Amount Paid - The actual amount user paid for the product (including all taxes, discounts and coupons).

13) Total - The total price for the purchased product.

14) Discount - The amount of discount that was applied during purchasing.

15) Taxes - The amount of taxes that was applied during purchasing.

16) Refunded - The amount of refund.

17) Status - Current status of the order.

18) Quantity - The number of products that were purchased in the order (e.g., the number of purchased seats).

19) Invoice - The number of the invoice in IntelliCart (could be different from the Order ID).

20) Coupon Used - The coupon code that was applied during purchasing.

21) Billing Type - Product billing type that was selected for purchasing.

22) Notes - The note user added to the order when purchased.

23) Delete - Delete order from the sales list if needed.

24) Refund - Refund user payments if required. Read more about refunding in the Refund - Application article above.

25) Export - Select the file format (CSV / XLS / HTML / JSON / ODS) to download the All Sales list.


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