Seeing IntelliBoard Inside Canvas (LTI Connection)

Interested in seeing IntelliBoard inside Canvas? Not a problem, create an LTI connection. Click HERE to see how it will be shown inside your LMS system.

Before you get started... 

  • Prior to creating an LTI connection, you must have an IntelliBoard subscription.  Sign up for IntelliBoard here, or work with your Canvas partner. 
  • Prior to creating an LTI connection, you must create a successful connection between your IntelliBoard subscription and your Canvas system.  Additional information on the connection can be found here
  • From the Canvas side, enable the "LOR External Tools" feature option.  Questions able enabling the LOR External Tool should be directed to your Canvas CSM. 
  • The Global Navigation menu is tied to having Canvas Commons turned on within an environment. If you have Commons turned on, you can add items to the Global Navigation Menu, if not, they aren't able to be added. As Commons is not accessible within the test environments this means that (by unfortunate default) items added to the main Navigation menu will simply not show up in the test or beta environments.
  • NOTE: Your IntelliBoard Account and your Canvas Admin User account must have matching emails for LTI.

When creating the LTI connection from the main/root account, the link to the connection will be placed in the global navigation menu. When creating the LTI connection from a sub-account, the link to the connection will be placed in the secondary account-specific menu, where it can be available for everyone under this sub-account (see image belove).


How it looks like and how it works

After successfully creating the LTI connection, it will be possible to see Intelliboard functions inside Canvas. When accessed from the main account/root account, you will be able to see in Canvas what you can see in IntelliBoard.


  • 1 - Home: A dashboard of monitors and reports to view upon entry.
  • 2 - Bookmark(s): A collection of your favorite reports and analytics.
  • 3 - Monitors: Graphical displays of the LMS data; typically aggregate, high level views. Note: You can't create your own Monitor sets and personalize it from Canvas (only from IntelliBoard) but you can open and visualize the ones already created.
  • 4 - Reports: Tabular displays of the LMS data: filter, sort and customize the data to display the columns and rows you wish to view.
  • 5 - Attendance: Access all the options of our newest tool.
  • 6 - Go to One click to connect directly to IntelliBoard and access all its functionalities.
For IB Users, the LTI will follow the permissions granted for the IntelliBoard User.

For additional questions, contact

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