Guest Checkout Setting Up

The Guest Checkout allows customers to review products and form their cart without need to login. The sign up/in will be required only before payment (when guest clicks on Proceed to checkout button from the cart). After the sign up/in user will be linked to the Home page, so he would need to click on Proceed to checkout again. If you wish users to be navigated to the checkout page after login, you'll need to set up an IntelliCart Authentication in addition.

NOTE: As a Products Catalog usually added on the Dashboard (URL ends with "/my" after main LMS URL), the link with "/my" should be provided to guests. E.g., .

Before you get started... 

  • You have to be signed-in as a user with full admin rights.
  • You should have an IntelliCart installed and set up.

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Step 1: Setup Moodle Guest autologin

  • Go to Site administration > Users > Permissions > User policies
  • Tick the box Auto-login guests so that visitors are automatically logged in as guests when accessing a course with guest access (i.e., they don't have to click the Login as guest button)


  • Go to Site administration > Plugins > Authentication > Manage Authentication
  • Set Guest login button to Show option


  • Go to Site administration > Security > Site security settings
  • Enable Open to Google setting so that the Google search robot will be allowed to enter your site as a Guest. In addition, people coming in to your site via a Google search will automatically be logged in as a Guest
    NOTE: This setting could be called Open to search engines in some LMSs.


Step 2: Setup Moodle force login option

  • Go to Site administration > Security > Site security settings
  • Enable Force users to log in setting


Step 3: Setup Guest checkout in IntelliCart settings

  • Go to IntelliCart > Settings > Features > Guests block
  • Turn on the Enable guest checkout setting


Step 4: Allow Moodle capabilities for Guest Role 

  • Go to Site administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles > Guest > Edit
  • Scroll down to permissions, and allow next:
    • local/intellicart:checkout
    • local/intellicart:subscribe
    • local/intellicart:buyproducts
    • local/intellicart:buyseats



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