OmniBoard Overview


OmniBoard pulls together data from all your LMS connections in one place!

  • Easily aggregate multiple data points across numerous instances at once
  • Multi-select across all of your connections (by LMS, region, district, and more)
  • Great for college systems & businesses that need data from across multiple campuses, branches, or systems 
  • Whether you have 2 connections or 100, OmniBoard can bring them together



1. Multi-connection Menu

Allows you to select the connections you want to see. Your connections will be listed in alphabetical order.


2. Stats Monitor

This monitor displays the overview of live data by courses, learners, users, and course enrollments. You can click on the totals bar across the top of the monitor to see the bar graph change for a visualization of the information. Hover over bars and you will see the actual number for each connection. You can also click on a bar in the graph to bring up the corresponding report (see chart below for a list of corresponding reports) Further, you can click on the connection names along the bottom of the monitor to quickly turn each connection on and off in the monitor.

Totals Bar Heading             Corresponding Report

# of Active Courses               Course Stats Report

# of Active Learners               Learner Success & Progress Report

# of Completed Learners     User Status Report

Total Number of Users          User Status Report 

Total # of Courses                  Course Access Report 


3. Aggregate Site Visits by Day and Hour 

This monitor displays the number of mouse clicks by day and hour. The bottom bar represents the possible color options of the chart parts depending on the attendance as a percentage of the total. If you hover over a part of the chart, you will see additional information about the day of the week, time, and number of page visits.

Axes    Horizontal: Day Of Week

            Vertical: Hours


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