Online Store Conversion Over Time

The Online Store conversion over time report displays the online store conversion (to sale) over a specified time period.



  • Filter your data and/or dates!  Most reports include several filters (to the right of the search box) and a time filter. 
  • Export your data in an XLS, CSV, HTML, JSON or ODS.
  • Sort your data! Most columns' names are clickable to allow you to sort them in alphabetical order according to that field.
  • Search for a specific customer, order, product or other elements in most reports.

THIS REPORT'S DATE FILTER(S):  Time will filter by Purchased on date (i.e. you can select a range of dates and only sales made in that time will be shown) or all sales will be shown if no dates are selected.


The reports shows information through a graphic. The axes used in the graphic are:

     Horizontal - Date
     Vertical - Percent of purchases

The report gives the possibility to group the information by year, month or week. When hovering over the different sections of the column the specific percent of purchases will be shown.


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