Connection: Google Classroom LMS

**Before getting connected, ensure that you already have Google Classroom set up. 

Step 1: Create a Google Classroom Connection

  • Log into IntelliBoard with the main subscription email.
  • Click "Integrations".
  • Under Google Classroom Connection, click "+ Connect".
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Step 2: Adding Google Classroom site to

  • Add your LMS Name (For identification purposes only)

  • Choose Category (For identification purposes only)

  • Under Advanced Settings, check "Active Connection".
  • Click "-> Save".


Step 3: Authorization in Google

  • A pop-up window will appear. Google will prompt to log into your Google account with Google Classroom setup. 


Step 4: Setting LMS Filters

  • Set in Course filters to filter the courses you want to see in IntelliBoard.
    • All Courses: To show all courses in your Google Classroom LMS.
    • Active Courses: To show only active courses in your Google Classroom LMS.


Step 5: Edit connection and process data

  • Click your account name and navigate to your connection

  • edit connection and hit "Process Data"


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