Reports - Overview

IntelliCart Reports allow you to visualize and analyze more information about customers, sales, products and all the elements that you can create and manage with IntelliCart plugin.

Before you get started... 


  • From IntelliCart, click on the Reports tab in the IntelliCart dashboard. 



The first elements displayed in this page are the Total Income generated with IntelliCart and a Income by time monitor that shows the partition of this income in time. This monitor's axes are:

          Horizontal - Total amount received
          Vertical - Number of products sold

In the second half of the page, we can see a list of all the available reports with a short description and the possibility to run each of them.

1) Customer Contact List - Locate client contact info.

2) Sales by Customer - Review individual sales transactions for each client, including date, type, amount, and total.

3) Sales by Product - Displays sales for each item on your Product/Service list. Includes quantity, amount, balance, and payment type.

4) Customers over time - Displays customer transactions over specified time period.

5) First-time vs returning customer sales - Analyze first-time vs. returning client sales.

6) Returning customers - View loyal/repeat clients.

7) One-time customers - Displays one-time customers.

8) Sales over time - View product sales over specified time period.

9) Average order value over time - Calculates average sale for all products.

10) Online Store conversion over time - Displays online store conversion (to sale) over specified time period.

11) Vendor Performance - Displays vendor performance.

12) Coupons Used - Displays coupon usage for each product or bundle of products.

13) Discounts Used - Displays discounts used for each product or bundle of products.

14) Attendance Report - Displays attend users to Sessions Attendance type. Includes product name, session name, session time, number of users to attend.

15) Refund Report - Displays all refunds.

16) Product Opened Details By User - Displays information about the products and users who have viewed the products.


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