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Attendance by Month monitor is a bar chart that refers to attendance. Hover over bars to see the actual number of the attendance based on selected bar.


Attendance This Week vs. Last Week monitor is a bar chart that shows an attendance comparison of the current week and the previous week. Hover over bars to see the actual number of attendance based on selected bar. 


Attendance Summary monitor is a pie chart that shows a summary of the students' attendance performance over a period of time. The performance is based on the attendance limit set. Hover over sectors to see the actual number of students based on the selected section. 




Attendance Overview monitor displays a variety of statistics including the percentage of present, late, and absent students over time. It also provides a percentage comparison of attendance statistics over time for a complete overview of the courses.



  • Filter your dates! Most monitors include a time filter. 
  • Refresh your data.
  • Review the monitor in the individual tab.
  • Download your data in an PDF, CSV or XLS.
  • Share your data via email, scheduled monitor, or API key.
  • Delete the monitor from the monitor set.

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