Sales by Product

The Sales by Product report displays sales for each item on your Product/Service list. Includes quantity, amount, balance, and payment type.


  • Filter your data and/or dates!  Most reports include several filters and a time filter. 
  • Export your data in an XLS, CSV, HTML, JSON or ODS.
  • Sort your data! Most columns' names are clickable to allow you to sort them in alphabetical order according to that field.
  • Search for a specific customer, order, product or other elements in most reports.



  • Vendor:  Select the specific vendor to appear on the report (it will only show customers from this vendor) or select "Show All"

THIS REPORT'S DATE FILTER(S):  Time will filter by Paid on date (i.e. you can select a range of dates and only customers that purchased something in that time will be shown) or all customers will be shown if no dates are selected.



Product title: The product's name (by clicking on the name you will be redirected to the Product Analytics page) as in the LMS

Categories: The product's category as in the LMS

Net quantity: The net quantity of sold products

Net sales: The net sales of products

Total sales: The total number of sales


Note: the first row shows a summary of net quantity, net sales and total sales.



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