Release Notes - All Platforms 23 January 2021

Page Updated: 25 January 2021

Scheduled Release:2 3 January 2021

IntelliBoard Plugin Version for Moodle: 2021012004

WAR File/Building Block Version for BB Learn:

  • BBL 3400+: 1.4.10
  • BBL 3300: 1.4.100


New Features!  

  • Communication events can now have multiple communication types inside a single cell! (InContact) 
  • New Monitor Added: Completed vs InCompleted Users! (Moodle) 
  • New admin setting: Display Create new Course/Product in Catalog. If enabled, with appropriate user permissions, user is able to create courses(IntelliCart) 
  • When a new course is created by a user (above new feature), the course auto syncs to create an associated product with the user assigned to the product and enrolled as the teacher! (IntelliCart) 
  • Note: We're hard at work on our NEW version of IntelliBoard! Stay tuned for an update of new features and enhancements for all IntelliBoard clients! 


  • Custom scale support improvement for Learner Dashboard. (Moodle) 
  • The one-day filter has been fixed and is now accessible for all teachers. You can now access all communications for one particular day at a time. (InContact)  
  • The School Counselor Role Permission has now available to use for those staff members who need to see all courses and students within InContact. (InContact)  
  • Blank spaces have been removed from exported data via the excel spreadsheet. (InContact 
  • You can now edit all student information within the contact card inside InContact and the correct data will display. (InContact) 

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