Customer Insights

The Customer Insights page gives more detailed information about a specific customer.


  • From IntelliCart, click on the Reports tab in the IntelliCart dashboard, run the Sales by Customer report and click on the customer's name.



The first part of the page shows some information about the customer.

1) Basic Customer information: the customer's first and last name, profile picture, email address and geographical location

2) Orders: the total number of orders in a specific period of time (see number 6)

3) Total Spent: the total amount spent in a specific period of time (see number 6)

4) Average Order Value: the total number of orders in a specific period of time (see number 6)

5) Status: if the customer is active or not

6) Date: the time period for which you want to have more information about the customer


The second part of the page shows two graphics with more information about the customer. The graphic on the left side shows the customer's timeline of products purchased in the chosen period of time (see number 6). The graphic on the right shows the frequency of the purchases: the horizontal axe represents the period of time (see number 6) and the vertical axe represents the number of purchases; this information can be grouped by week, month or year from the filter in the top right corner of the graphic.


The third and last part of the page shows the customer's active enrollments. This information is organized in rows and columns like a report. The columns are:

Product: The product's name as in the LMS

Course: The product's course as in the LMS

Product Price: The product's price as in the LMS

Payment Type: The payment's type of the purchase

Start Date: The start date of the product


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