FAQ: Database tables

Before you get started... 

  • Make sure you have the .WAR File/Building Block from IntelliBoard.  You may download it HERE by clicking "DOWNLOAD" under IntelliBoard for Blackboard Learn category.
  • Create a ticket with Blackboard using Behind the Blackboard requesting to install the Building Block.
  • Schedule with Blackboard the date to perform a Rolling Restart (This process will apply the changes on the Application server)


Q: Which tables are created and changed in the database with the war file installation?

A: We create three tables in the main database:

  1. intb_enrollment_stats, intb_registry,
  2. intb_gradebook_state; and trigger
  3. 'intb_gradebook_state_ai_au' for table
  4. 'intb_gradebook_state' after insert or update


IntelliBoard's reporting displays data available in BlackBoard Learn Database Tables. BlackBoard Learn has two sets of database tables: 1) primary and 2) secondary. Blackboard Learn's internal structures, batch data, and push from a secondary table to a primary table every 24 hours. As such, IntelliBoard's reporting may experience a 24 hour delay based on the structure. Please find the list of reports and monitors impacted here.


For additional questions, contact helpdesk@IntelliBoard.net

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