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User Profile Fields are fields that are specifically related to users, and can now be uploaded to include any field names and values your institution would like to have visible and searchable in user reports.


By clicking on User Profile Fields in the navigation menu, you can import a CSV file to create personalized User Profile Fields.


  • Click User Profile Fields in the navigation menu



  • Click import to upload your CSV file



By clicking import you can download a blank CSV file as well as a sample CSV file. where you will have to fill in the columns for "userId," "fieldName,"and "fieldValue." 



Sample CSV file


Note: userId is the user's email address.


  • Import your CSV file by selecting Choose File then Submit



Once the CSV file is imported you can see a list of your fields 


  • From the Progress Fields page click Profile Fields in the top right corner



  • In this list you can see which fields you have imported, as well as Delete Fields if needed




Once the CSV file has been imported correctly, you will be able to see and enable your imported fields through the Personalize report function at the top of any user report. You can toggle on your imported fields to include the field columns in the report and make them searchable.


  • From any user report go to Personalize Report>Edit in the top right corner. Enable needed columns from User Profile Fields. 


On this page you can also enable searching by userId in the report. Just make the email column is searchable. For more details click here.


Now you can see your imported fieldName as a column header, as well as the fieldValue listed in the column. You can also, search with the userId.



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