Application | Setting Timezone + Date Formats

Time, Date and Language Formats are settings that allow IntelliBoard users to change language, time zones and date formats to the ones used in your part of the world. This will help to access and read your data more easily. 

To access them just click on your initials or profile picture in the top right corner and then click on Manage your IntelliBoard Account. They can be changed by clicking on Edit in the main Profile page as showed here:


Scroll down to the Personal Account Settings section.


This is the section where you can personalize language, date and time format and some more settings of your account:

  • Language: Select one of the available languages to be used in your account.
  • Time Zone: Select your time zone to always see the correct time.
  • Time Format: Select your preferred time format (12h or 24h).
  • Date Format: Select your preferred date format.
  • Notification Methods: Select how you wish to receive notifications regarding your IntelliBoardNext account. 
  • Signature: Enter your own signature and IntelliBoard will include it in emails or scheduled messages. You may update your signature as much as you want using the format bar at the top of the edit window.

All fields are required. Don't forget to Save your settings once you are done!

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