Moodle for Workplace Block

Please find the overview of Moodle for Workplace settings in the Features block below.

NOTE: IntelliCart Settings can be found under IntelliCart > Settings tab, OR under Site Administration > Plugins > Local plugins > IntelliCart.


1. Enable MWP Integration

NOTE: This setting is required to be enabled for all next settings.

Enable this box to integrate Moodle Workplace features to IntelliCart, so that you'll be able to assign programs and certifications to products, to synchronize MWP tenants with IC vendors to have an ability to filter products/discounts/etc. by them. This will add 2 actions to every product so that you'll be able to assign program and/or certification to product for selling.


2. Enable MWP tenants sync

NOTE: This setting requires Enable MWP Integration setting above to be enabled.

Enable this box to turn on the synchronization between MWP tenants and IC vendors. When enabled, this will be applied for next use cases:

  • if you create new vendor/tenant, new tenant/vendor with same name will be created automatically, and the vendor will get the same ID number that tenant gets from the system (tenant ID).
  • if you suspend (archive) vendor/tenant, this will be applied for analogical tenant/vendor.
  • if you delete vendor/tenant, this deletes same tenant/vendor.
  • if you add/delete users to vendor/tenant, same users will be added to/deleted from the corresponding tenant/vendor.
  • if move user to new tenant/vendor, same user will be moved from one vendor/tenant to other.

NOTE: This will be applied for tenants/vendors created after IntelliCart installation and connection and setting enabling. To synchronize tenants with vendors that were created before IC installation, you should enable Enable MWP Integration and Enable MWP tenants sync settings, enable and run IntelliCart Tenants/Vendors sync. scheduled task under Site Administration > Server > Tasks > Scheduled Tasks. If you don't have Run now button for the mentioned task, put /usr/bin/php under Path to PHP CLI setting under Site Administration > Server > System paths. When synchronization is finished, disable the scheduled task and leave mentioned IntelliCart settings enabled.


3. Enable Tenant Admins and Vendor Managers sync.

NOTE: This setting requires Enable MWP Integration and Enable MWP tenants sync settings above to be enabled.

Enable this box to turn on the synchronization between MWP Tenant Administrators and IC Vendor Managers. When enabled, this will be applied for next use cases:

  • if you add a user as a Tenant Administrator (Vendor Manager), same user will be automatically added to the corresponding vendor as a manager (tenant as an administrator).
  • if you delete a user from Tenant Administrators (Vendor Managers), same user will be automatically deleted from the corresponding Vendor Managers (Tenant Administrators).

4. Filter by tenant logged in Users

Enable this box to add tenant filtering for products for logged in users and guests (if Guest Checkout is set up). When this is enabled and product is assigned to the specific vendor (find out how to assign vendor to the product) logged in users and guests will be able to see that product in addition to general products (not assigned to any vendor) if they do next.

1. Logged In User

  • If the customer is enrolled into 1 tenant, he will be able to see and buy this product without need for additional clicks.
  • If the customer is enrolled into 2 or more tenants or he's an admin user with an access to all tenants, he will need to switch to the required tenant first (in the top left corner), and then the product will appear in Products Catalog for him. I.e., the product was assigned to the IB Test tenant (vendor). On the figure 1 below the user firstly selected Tenant-A, and the Product for IB didn't appear in the Products Catalog. But when he switched to IB Test tenant, the required product was shown (figure 2).

Figure 1 - Tenant without a product is selected


Figure 2 - Tenant with a product is selected


2. Guest

  • Guest should be provided within tenant Login URL, so when he goes by this link, product will appear in Products Catalog.
    NOTE: Login URL should be enabled for tenant.


5. Assign user to vendor on registration

Enable this box so that when guest goes to the site with ?tenant=id variable, and then registers with not manual auth method (e.g., sign up by himself), he will be automatically assigned to the vendor related to tenant which ID number he mentioned in the link. I.e., guest was provided within next tenant Login URL: (that is related to IB Test tenant). He wants to register and navigates to the sign up page from this URL. In this case, when he finishes signing up, he'll registered under IB Test tenant, because the initial link relates to this tenant.

6. Add user to group tenant program names

Enable this box to enroll users to course within groups based on tenant and program names. When this setting is enabled and user purchases the product with a program (where course(s) is assigned to), he will be enrolled into the course group with a “tenant name - program name“ title. 

NOTE: This setting is required to have also enabled group creation under program settings. You should navigate to program editing window and select Create groups for this program option under Add to course groups setting.

This setting works for next use cases:

  • if user buys a product with assigned program with this course.
  • if user buys seats, when the Enable Auto-enrolling on Seats Checkout setting is enabled and seats number that were bought is more than Minimum seats number for Free enrollment. Read more about these settings HERE (points 6-8).
  • if seats owner enrolls users manually. Read more about this HERE.
  • when user pays for the product by seats Key. Read more about this HERE.

I.e., you have created a program called "Program with Multiple Courses" under tenant with a name "IB Test" and assigned several courses to this program. Then you created an IntelliCart product and assigned the newly created program to this product. The user from IB Test tenant buys the product. In this case, he'll be enrolled into all program courses under the specific group based on his tenant and program name he bought - "IB test - Program with Multiple Courses".


7. Enable Sync Product Courses with MWP Program/Certification Courses

Enable this box to add the synchronization between MWP program/certification courses and product courses. Thus, when you assign program or certification to the product, program (or program in certification) courses, that are not assigned to the product, will be assigned to that. Moreover, when you add a course to program, this course will be assigned to all products where this program is assigned.

NOTE: Synchronization works only for assigning courses to the product. If you remove some course from the program, this course won't be unassigned from the product.

NOTE: If you assign certification with program to the product (not simply program) and assign new courses to the program in certification, these new courses won't be added to the product, because the synchronization for newly-added courses works only for programs in products.

I.e., you have program with 2 courses and assign this to the product, both courses will be added to the list of assigned courses in the product. And if you add the third course to the program, this will also assigned to the previous product.


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