Personalizing Account Settings

To personalize your account settings you just have to click on Account Settings in the main profile page. To access it just click on your initials or profile picture in the top right corner and then click on Manage your IntelliBoard Account, then on the second option in the horizontal menu, between Profile and Connections.


Company Settings

The first box you can see is information about the expiration date of your current subscription. Right under that box, you can find the settings to personalize your account. All the information that can be set up here is then showed in the Profile page.


  • Company: The name of your company.
  • Select your number of users: Select the option that corresponds to your LMS.
  • Select your hosting provider: Self Hosted/ External Hosted/ Hosted Unknown.
  • Select your role: Select the role you have inside your LMS.
  • Select your industry: Choose the industry in which your company operates.

All fields marked with * are required.


General Account Settings


  • Week Start At: Choose if you want your week to start on a Monday or on a Sunday.
  • Default Filter Date: Select the default (initial) time frame for reports and monitors. For example -
    If you set it to the last 7 days, all reports and monitors will show data of the last 7 days, based of the selected filter.
  • Rows per page: Choose how many rows per page your reports should show.

Click here to find out all about PDF Branding with IntelliBoard.


Proxy Settings


This feature is not required for all clients. Contact us at, in the chat box, or schedule with us.

Enable Proxy if needed. Enter Host, Port, Type, User and Password.

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