Connection: Moodle LMS

Before getting connected,

Note: IntelliBoard strongly recommends the individual configuring the IntelliBoard connection must be Site Administrator of Moodle with the ability to enable web services, change web protocols, and create Moodle tokens.

IntelliBoard is a web-based service. If your LMS is behind a firewall, a port will need to be configured for IntelliBoard service to connect. For more information about IP addresses, contact us!

Click HERE for step-by-step connection video!

Check the following Moodle settings:

Step 1: Enable Web Service


  • From Moodle LMS system, go to Site Administration > Advance Features.
  • Ensure that Enable Web Service is on (check box).
  • Click "Save Changes".

Step 2: Enable REST Protocol


  • Go to Site Administration > Plugins > Web Services > Manage Protocols 
  • Ensure either REST is enabled (open eye).

Step 3: Add Authorized New User through External Services


  • Go to Site Administration > Plugins > Web Services > External Services
  • Search for IntelliBoard Service and click "Authorized Users".
  • Choose and add the Authorized User** for IntelliBoard.

**Note: The Authorized User needs to have LMS site privileges and the permission to create a token.


Step 4: Create Token for "IntelliData" Web Service

  • Go to Site Administration > Plugins > Web Services > Manage Tokens
  • Click "Add".
  • Select the following: 
    • User: The same user that was authorized in Step 3.
    • Service: IntelliData Service.


  • Click "Save Changes".

Getting Connected to IntelliBoard Next!

Step 1: Create Moodle Connection


  • Log into IntelliBoard with the main subscription email.
  • Click "Integrations".
  • Under Moodle Connection, click "+ Connect".

Step 2: Adding Moodle Site to IntelliBoard


  • Add your LMS Name - for identification purpose.
  • Add your LMS URL.
  • Add Token** which can be found from your Moodle. 
    **Site Administration > Plugins > Web Services > Manage Tokens > (Under IntelliData Service)
  • Choose Category - for identification purpose.
  • Under Advanced Settings, check "Active Connection".

Step 3: Adding IntelliBoard to Moodle


  • From Moodle LMS, go to Site Administration > Plugins(Under Local Plugins) IntelliData.
  • Copy Encryption Key from Intelliboard (previous step) to Moodle in field API Key.
  • Copy Client Identifier from Intelliboard (previous step) to Moodle in field API Identifier.
  • Click "Save".

Step 4: Setting up LMS Filter Settings

  • Return to IntelliBoard, click "-> Continue".
    Note: Upon clicking Continue, you'll see 4 green check marks on URL, Token, Encryption Key and Client Identifier if the connection is successful and be directed to LMS Filter Settings page.
  • Set in User filters to filter the Moodle users you want to see in IntelliBoard.
    • All Users: To show all users in your Moodle LMS.
    • Active Users: To show only active users in your Moodle LMS.
  • Set in Course filters to filter the Moodle courses that you want to see in IntelliBoard.mceclip5.png
  • Select the Teacher Roles and Learner Roles as defined in your Moodle LMS.
  • Click "Save".

Step 5: Data Processing

  • Upon saving, it will direct you to the Connection page. 
  • Click on your newly created Moodle connection. 
  • Click on "Process Data" and let it process.

FINISHED! You are now connected and ready to see all your Moodle LMS data!

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