Connection: Canvas by Instructure LMS (Part 1 of 2)

The individual configuring the IntelliBoard connection must be an Administrator of Canvas with the full admin permissions from the Top Level Canvas SubAccount.

Before you get started...

  • You must have an IntelliBoard account. 
  • There is no additional plugin or block needed to make a connection with Canvas. 
  • To ensure you have visits, time spent, page views and access, we strongly encourage you to set up Canvas SQS Service. Please see additional documentation here
  • IntelliBoard is aware of Canvas Data 2, and will respond to Canvas Data 2 as it is made available to Canvas Clients.
  • This connection requires the Canvas Data Portal.  If you do not have the Canvas Data Portal enabled, please reach out to a member of your CSM team to enable.

  • Canvas Data stops building flat files if not used for 2 weeks.  If you have not previously used Canvas Data, please follow the connection steps and process data.  Know that this will request the file from Canvas and it will be created in 24-48 hours, following Canvas protocol.  

  • IntelliBoard is a web-based service. If your LMS is behind a firewall, a port will need to be configured for the IntelliBoard service to connect. Contact for additional details.

General Overview

IntelliBoard Pro leverages Canvas Flat File data as well as an API connection with the Canvas Data Portal. Keys are created which allows IntelliBoard Pro to process the Canvas data on a daily basis.  If enabled, Canvas SQS (Live Data) will update approximately every 4 hours. Please see additional documentation for Canvas SQS here

Making the Initial Connection

Step 1: Integrations > Select Your LMS Type

Direct Link:

  • Click Integrations.
  • Under desired connection, click "+ Connect".

Step 2: Add Connection Information

Enter the following information:

  LMS Name   Text Box; Required Field; Name the connection for identification purposes.
  URL   Text Box; Required Field; Copy and Paste the URL of your LMS Note: Include HTTPS:// and do not include any additional pathways
  Client ID   Text Box; Required Field; Created inside Canvas.  Note the additional steps below.
  Client Secret Key   Text Box; Required Field; Created inside Canvas.  Note the additional steps below.
  Category   Drop Down; Required Field; Select a Category for your Connection.  Note the additional steps below.
  Active   Check Box; Check on to enable the connection.  Connections must be active to process.
  Dynamic tables   Check Box; Dynamic tables are for LMS native tables (eg. Syllabus, Discussion)
  Process at Hour   Drop Down; Required Field; Select the hour to process your data daily. Note additional steps below.


Creating Client Key

  • From Admin > Select Top Canvas Account > Developer Keys
    Direct Pathway: /accounts/1/developer_keys

  • Click + Developer Key, then +API Key to create a new API. 

  • Insert the follow details under "Register an Application" and Save
Key Name IntelliBoard Pro
Owner Email Not Required; Your Email
Redirect URIs
Redirect URL (Legacy) Not Required; Leave Blank
Vendor Code (LTI 2)  Not Required; Leave Blank
Icon URL  Not Required; Leave Blank
Notes:  Not Required; Leave Blank
Test Closer Only Not Required; Leave Unchecked
Client Credentials Access Dropdown; leave Canvas selected
  • OPTIONAL: Enforce Scopes

We recommend disabling this checkbox, but if you want to enforce endscopes, allow the following:














  • Upon save, keys will be created and you'll be returned to the Developer Key Page.  Ensure the Status of the key is ON.
  • Under the Details column, copy the Client Key and Client Secret Key (Note that the secret key is hidden by default. Click "Show Key" to see it).

  • Return to IntelliBoard, paste the copied Client Key and Client Secret Key to the respective field.

Creating a Connection Category

IntelliBoard allows you to create categories for your connections.  For additional information click here.

Select a time for Daily Processing
IntelliBoard allows you to select a time to process your data.  We recommend choosing an hour just after when your Canvas Flat File processes, to pick up the freshest data.  Note that the Canvas Flat File time is displayed in UTC time.  You can review the time the Canvas Flat File is processed under Canvas > Admin > Canvas Data Portal.


Step 3: Add Canvas Data Tokens 

Enter the following information:

 Data Client ID   Text Box; Required Field; Created inside Canvas.  Note the additional steps below.
 Data Client Secret   Text Box; Required Field; Created inside Canvas.  Note the additional steps below.
  • Return to Canvas, and from  Admin > Canvas Data Portal.
    Note: If you do not see Canvas Data Portal, please reach out to a member of your CSM team to enable your Canvas Data Portal.


  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, click "Create Credentials".
  • Return to IntelliBoard, paste the copied ID and keys to the respective fields.

Step 4: Click Continue

Upon clicking Continue, you'll see  green check marks on URL and Keys if the connection is successful and be redirected to authorize the connection through Canvas.  If unsuccessful, please review the steps above to adjust settings.  For additional assistance, please contact 


Step 5: Click Authorize

Canvas LMS will prompt to authorize IntelliBoard to connect. Click "Authorize".

Step 6: Review Filter Settings 

From within IntelliBoard, review the following Filter Settings, make selections, and save. 

All data is downloaded from Canvas to identify User and Course Statuses, as well as Subaccounts and Terms.  This allows the dropdowns below to populate.   After selections are made, the corresponding data is deleted and not processed on a daily basis. 



  User Filters > Select User Enrollment    Drop Down; Required; See details below for options.
  User Filters > System Statuses   Drop Down; Required; See details below for options.
  Course Filters > SubAccount   Drop Down; Required; See details below for options.
  Course Filters > Term   Drop Down; See details below for options.
  Course Filters > Course Status   Drop Down; See details below for options.
 Activity Status Filter > Activity Status   Drop Down; See details below for options.


Student Enrollment Status(es):

  1. Invited: Students (not existing users in Canvas LMS) who are invited to the course, but haven’t accepted it yet.
  2. Active: Students who have accessed and started the courses
  3. Completed: Students who have completed the course.
  4. Inactive: Students previously enrolled in a course, but who can no longer access course content.
  5. Rejected: Students who rejected the course invitation.
  6. Deleted: Students whose entire enrollment has been removed from a course.
  7. Pending: Students (existing users in Canvas LMS) who are invited to the course, but haven’t accepted it yet.

Display Users with the Following Status(es) (System Statuses):

  1. Creation Pending: Users who were created in the LMS system and a confirmation email was sent to them, but they have not yet confirmed it.
  2. Deleted: Users who are totally deleted from the LMS system.
  3. Pre-Registered: Users who have been created in the LMS system, but not yet activated.
  4. Registered: Users who are active in the LMS system.

Filter Subaccount: Select the subaccounts that you want to be shown in IntelliBoard.

Filter Term:  Select the terms to be shown in IntelliBoard.

Display Courses with the Following Status(es):

  1. Course Created: Courses that are created, but not published yet.
  2. Course Available: Courses that are created and published, but not completed yet.
  3. Course Completed: Courses that were concluded by teacher.
  4. Course Claimed: Course that is undeleted and not published.

 Activity Status Filter:

  1. Activity Published: Activities that are published.
  2. Activity Unpublished: Activities that are unpublished.
  3. Activity Deleted: Activities that are deleted.

Step 6: Review Role Settings

From within IntelliBoard, review the following Role Settings, make selections, and save.  Each section is populated with all roles inside your LMS.  

Map your LMS roles to IntelliBoard Roles.  This is important for role clarity within the Builder, IB Users, and the LTI. 

When complete, please click save. 


  Instructor Roles   Drop Down; Required
  Learner Roles    Drop Down; Required
  Admin Roles   Drop Down
  Course Admin Roles   Drop Down


Step 7:  Process Data

Direct Link:

  • From Manage my IntelliBoard Account, click My Connections
  • Click the name of the URL or Edit, to open the connection.
  • Click on Process Data

For additional assistance, please email

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