Connection: Blackboard LMS

Before getting connected,

Click HERE  for step-by-step connection video!

Step 1:

  • From your Blackboard account, go to Admin > (Under Integration) Building Blocks.

Step 2:

  • Click on "Installed Tools".

Step 3:

  • Click on "Upload Building Blocks".

Step 4:

  • Browse to find the IntelliBoard .WAR File/Building Block. Click "Open" and
  • The IntelliBoard Building Block will install once you approve permissions. You should see the IntelliBoard BBData listed under Installed Tools.  


Step 5:

  • Return to Installed Tools. Under IntelliBoard BBData, click on the dropdown arrow and select "Settings".

Step 6:

  • Open a separate window. Log into IntelliBoard with the main subscription email.
  • Click "Integrations".
  • Under Blackboard Connection, click "+ Connect".

Step 7:

  • Copy the Encryption Key under Encryption Setting.
  • Return to your BlackBoard IntelliBoard BBData Block Settings, paste the copied Encryption Key into the respective field.
  • Click "Save Properties".
  • Copy the Block URL and Auth Token.

Step 8:

  • Return to IntelliBoard, paste the copied Block URL and Auth Token respectively into URL and Token field.
  • Add your LMS Name - for identification purpose.
  • Choose Category - for identification purpose.
  • Under Advanced Settings, check "Active Connection".
  • Click "-> Continue".
    Note: Upon clicking Continue, you'll see 3 green check marks on URL, Token and Encryption Key if the connection is successful.

Step 9:

  • Set in User filters to filter the Blackboard users you want to see in IntelliBoard.
    • All Users: To show all users in your Blackboard LMS.
    • Active Users: To show only active users in your Blackboard LMS.


  • Set in Course filters to filter the Blackboard courses that you want to see in IntelliBoard.
    • All Courses: To show all courses in your Blackboard LMS.
    • Active Courses: To show only active courses in your Blackboard LMS.


  • Select the Teacher Roles and Student Roles as defined in your Blackboard LMS.



  • Click "Save".

Step 10:

  • Upon saving, it will direct you to the Connection page. 
  • Click on your newly created BlackBoard connection. 
  • Click on "Process Data" and let it process.

FINISHED! You are now connected and ready to see all your Blackboard LMS data!

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