Transcripts Connection for Moodle

Transcripts is an IntelliBoard plugin addition that tracks some Moodle events (find an events list below), create/update a record in our, IntelliBoard, table, and allows you to get reporting for all user course enrollments. If user was enrolled into the course 2 times (e.g., re-enrollment), there will be 2 records. Records are stored there all the time until user is deleted from the LMS system.

Before you get started...

  • You mush have an IntelliBoard installed and connected.
  • Contact with us on to enabled Transcript reports for your account.
  • You have to be the Site Administrator of the LMS System.
  • You should have an ability to run scheduled tasks manually.

The list of events plugin tracks:

  • user_enrollment_created
  • user_enrollment_deleted
  • course_completion
  • course_module_completion_updated
  • course_module_viewed
  • user_graded
  • role_assigned
  • group_member_added


Step 1: Enable the Transcripts

  • After the successful IntelliBoard installation and connection, go to Site Administration
  • From there navigate to Plugins > Local plugins > IntelliBoard
  • Enabled Transcripts in the very bottom of the page
  • Save settings


Step 2: Get Historical Data

This step will duplicate the historical data about previous enrollments to IntelliBoard table.

  • Option 1 (recommended)
    • From console, run local/intelliboard/cli/transcripts_process.php script which will migrate all data from Moodle tables to Transcripts table. This will require from your side to have shel access on the server.
  • Option 2
    • From Moodle, go to Site Administration > Server > Scheduled tasks and run the Sync Transcripts Task (\local_intelliboard\task\transcripts_process) cron job. It will process each 15 minutes by 1000 records by default. It can be also changed based on your server under Site Administration > Plugins > Local plugins > IntelliBoard > Transcripts block in Transcripts Processing Size setting.


Enjoy Your Data! Right Here! Right Now! 

Transcripts Reports:

When the connection is done and reports are enabled for your account, you'll get a Transcripts data in 2 reports under Reports > Course Reports > All Course Usage:


For additional assistance, please email

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