CONCEPT + FAQ: Organizational Role (Org Role)

To share datasets and dashboards with users within your organizations, the Primary Account holder (and others' granted the necessary permission) creates IntelliBoard Users (IB Users) who each have an Organizational Role.   An Organizational Role is a template of datasets and permissions, which can be granted to several IB Users. 

Before you get started... 

  • You have to set up two components: 1) Organizational Role and 2) IB User.  

  • You must create an Organizational Role BEFORE creating an IB User. 

What is an Organizational Role?

An Organizational Role is a template of datasets and account permissions designed for a specific type of group/role of people within an organization. An Organizational Role is then assigned to an IB User (credentialed account for an individual person). 

Examples of Organizational Roles may include, but are not limited to:  1) Instructor Organizational Role; 2) Learner Organizational Role; 3) Course Admin Organizational role, 4)  All Access Organizational Role. 


Where are Organizational Roles in the platform?

Direct Link:

In Platform Navigation: 

1) Under your avatar in the top right corner, click on "Manage IB Org Roles".


Who has access to manage Organizational Roles? 

The Primary Account holder automatically has access to Organizational Roles.  

The ability to manage Organizational Roles may be given to others as an Admin Permissions inside Organizational Roles.  To allow other people at your Organization to create, edit, clone or delete an Organizational Role, please allow "Manage Org Roles" under the Admin Permissions. 


How many Organizational Roles may I have?

No limit; your organization may have as many different Organizational Roles as you need.  

If you need any variation of dataset OR account permission you'll create an new Organizational Role.  (Hint! We suggest cloning Organizational Roles when you want to make a slight variation.) 

You do not need to create one Organizational for each individual IB User.  For example, all instructors at your organization could have their own credentialed account, but each of their accounts maybe granted the Organizational Role of "Instructor". 

Is an Organizational Role the same as an LMS Role? 

No, but the concepts are very similiar.  Your Organizational Role can be different than the permissions inside the LMS.  That said, the Organizational Role is like an LMS Role, where the role is the selection of permissions a group of users has inside IntelliBoard.


What is the difference between an Organizational Role and IB User? 

The Organizational Role is a type of role; the IB User is an actual person. The Organizational Role is a template of reports; the IB User is the specific credentialed account for IntelliBoard. The Organizational Role is assigned to a specific IB User. 

For example, Dean Jane Smith is a specific IB User, who has the Organizational Role of Educational Dean. 


Why does an IB User have to have an Organizational Role?

Beyond the Primary Account holder (who has all permissions by default), each IB user is required to have an Organizational Role to dictate the account permissions within IntelliBoard. 


How do I create an Organizational Role? 

From your Manage IB Org Role table, click "Create IB Org Role".

Upon finalizing selections, please click "Save". 


How do I activate an Organizational Role? 

You can activate an Organizational Role two ways:
1) From the Organizational Role Table
2) From within the Organizational Role

1) From within the Organizational Role Table...

Note the Status column; a blue slide indicates the Organizational Role is active.  A grey slide indicates the Organizational Role is inactive.

You can change the status by toggling the slide.


2) Edit the Organizational Role

Upon editting the Organizational Role, you'll see a "Status" drop down under the Role Information box.  Select "Active" and click save. 


Why is an active Organizational Role important?

An Organizational Role must be active in order to assign to an IB User. 

Additionally, to access IntelliBoard an IB User must have an activate Organizational Role. 

Allowing users to activate and deactivate roles allows for regular account maintenance.


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