Permit: Organizational Roles

IntelliBoard allows you, the IntelliBoard Admin (main subscriber), to give certain people credentialed access to where they will have permission to review certain data sets within certain reports. 

Before you get started... 

  • You have to set up two components: 1) Organizational Role and 2) IB User.  
  • You must create an Organizational Role BEFORE creating an IB User. 

What is an Organizational Role?

As the first component of Permit and designed by the IntelliBoard Admin, an Organizational Role is a template of reports and monitors designed for a specific type of group/role of people within an organization. An Organizational Role is then assigned to an IB User (credentialed account for an individual person). 

For example, District Managers may need reports and monitors related to course enrollments, revenue and completion. Educational Deans may need reports and monitors related to learner progress and instructor performance. District Manager and Educational Dean are both Organizational Roles.   

Important Notes:

  • The same Organizational Role can be assigned to different IB Users.
  • The Organizational Role template can be further edited for a specific IB User. 
  • While an Organizational Role may be the same as a LMS Role, the two are not connected. 

What is the difference between an Organizational Role and IB User? 

The Organizational Role is a type of role; the IB User is an actual person. The Organizational Role is a template of reports; the IB User is the specific credentialed account for IntelliBoard. The Organizational Role is assigned to a specific IB User. 

For example, Dean Jane Smith is a specific IB User, who has the Organizational Role of Educational Dean. Dean Harold Jones is a specific IB User, who has also has the Organizational Role of Educational Dean. 

How to create an Organizational Role

First of all, we need to reach the page where we can manage roles and users. To access it just click on your initials or profile picture in the top right corner and then click on Manage your IntelliBoard Account. Here you can then click on IB Users > Manage (Roles) > Add Role.

NOTE: Existing Organizational Roles can be edited and/or deleted after clicking on the menu under Actions



The first section is about Role Information and the first thing to do is to choose the Organizational Role Name; just enter the name of the Organizational Role (i.e. Manager; Regional VP; Dean; Academic Advisor; Mentor). Then you can update the Status of this role where Inactive = Not available for use (but also not deleted) and Active = Available for use.

Next, it's time to associate the Organizational Role with connection(s) under the Connections section: you will see listed here all the active connections under your account and the role will be available for use only in the connection(s) you select.


Once you have selected the connection(s), you can choose which Report this Organizational Role will have access to. You can either choose between All and None or manually select from all the existing reports the specific ones that they will be able to see. 


The same is valid for our IntelliBoard Dashboards: you can either choose between All and None or manually select from all the existing dashboards the specific ones that they will be able to see. You, the IntelliBoard admin, are in total control!


Finally, you can let the organizational role have access to extra settings. This depends on the integrations and products in your account; in the screenshot above, the Organizational Role could be given access to the settings of IntelliCart LTI.


Once you are happy with the options you have chosen for this Organizational Role, click on the Save button so that you can start creating IB Users and assign them this role! You can also click on Cancel to go back to the previous page or on Delete Role when you edit an existing role that you want to get rid of.

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