IntelliCart Authentication Setting Up

The IntelliCart Authentication provides you an IntelliCart sign up/in form that could re-place the default Moodle one. This provides an ability to set up a registration form within required fields and limit a registration ability within codes. It also links users right to the Checkout page after sign up/in instead of the Home page (for Guest Checkout).

Before you get started... 

  • You have to be signed-in as a user with full admin rights.
  • You should have an IntelliCart installed and set up.
  • You should have an plugin installed.

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Step 1: Enabling an IntelliCart Authentication

  • Go to Site administration > Plugins > Authentication > Manage authentication
  • Under Available authentication plugins block enable IntelliCart authentication plugin
  • Scroll down to Common settings block and select an IntelliCart authentication option under Self registration setting
  • Save changes


Step 2: Setup an IntelliCart Authentication

  • Go back to Site administration > Plugins > Authentication > Manage authentication
  • Click on Settings for an IntelliCart authentication
  • Set up the authentication plugin with required settings (read description below)
  • Save changes


1) Enable Auto Login User After Signup - Enable this box so that users will be automatically logged in after registration.

2) Enable reCAPTCHA - Enable this box to add an additional verification for registration.

3) Enable Confirmation Email - Enable this box so that the confirmation email will be sent to the user as in default Moodle email-based registration.

NOTE: When Enable Auto Login User After Signup and Enable Confirmation Email are both on, the user will be logged in automatically after the signup and can complete the purchase. After the signup, a confirmation email will be sent to the user to complete the registration. All further attempts to log in will fail until the user confirms their account. When Enable Confirmation Email is off, the user isn’t supposed to confirm the account and can login without any limitations. When Enable Auto Login User After Signup is off, the user will be redirected to the login page after the signup.

4) Registration: IntelliCart Coupon Required - Enable this box so that the required field for IntelliCart Coupon will be shown on the registration form. When enabled, only people who has a coupon will be able to sign up.
NOTE: You could create a coupon as a regular one (click HERE to get known how to do this). The main thing required for registration is a coupon code and an active status, as IntelliCart just checks if the entered coupon code exists. So other coupon settings are not important for registration purpose and could be filled with any values.

5) Enable Sign In form On Sign Up Page - Enable this box to add a sign in form to the registration page. This will be shown on another tab.
NOTE: If this setting is not active, the Sign In tab won't be clickable.

6) Sign Up Instructions - Add any instruction you want in the text field.

7) Enable Title at Sign Form - Enable this box to add a title to the sign in and sign up forms.

At the bottom of the page you can set up Allowed Signup Optional Fields - Add additional fields to the sign up form if required, and lock them lower if needed.

Step 3: Setup Guest sign up in IntelliCart settings

NOTE: This is required step for LMSs with Guest Checkout set up.

  • Go to IntelliCart > Settings > Features > Guests block
  • Turn on the Guest sign up after added to cart setting



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