IntelliCart LTI Connection to Blackboard Learn

Your purchases are waiting... connect the IntelliCart today!

Before you get started... 

  • You must have an IntelliBoard account. Sign up for IntelliBoard HERE, or work with your Blackboard Learn partner. 
  • You must create a successful connection between your IntelliBoard subscription and your Blackboard Learn system. Additional information on the connection can be found HERE
  • You should have enabled API keys in the IntelliBoard for IntelliCart LTI connection. Contact your Account Executive to turn them on for you.
  • You have to be signed-in as a user with full admin rights during the connection process.


  • Logged in as the Blackboard Administrator, select Admin from the navigation menu. 
  • Once inside Administrator Panel, locate the Integrations options. Click on LTI Tool Providers.
    NOTE: For the original BBLearn users LTI Tool Providers will be under Building Blocks.
  • Click on Register LTI 1.1 Provider.
    NOTE: For the original BBLearn users click on Register Provider Domain.


  • Complete the following details:
    • Provider Domain Status block:
      • Provider Domain: Enter

      • Provider Domain Status: Select Approved.

      • Secondary Hostnames: Leave blank.

    • Default Configuration block: 
      • Default Configuration: Select Set Globally.
      • Tool Provider Key: Return to IntelliBoard > Settings + Options > Servers > Server IntelliCart LTI Credentials (lock icon); copy and paste Consumer Key.

      • Tool Provider Secret: Return to IntelliBoard > Settings + Options > Servers > Server IntelliCart LTI Credentials (lock icon); copy and paste Shared secret.

    • Institution Policies block:
      • Send User Data: Select Send user data over any connection.

      • User Fields to Send: Select Role in Course, Name and Email Address.

      • Allow Membership Service Access: Yes.

  • Click Submit.


  • Return to Blackboard Learn, and go again to Admin > Integrations > LTI Tool Providers 
  • For the newly created tool open the relevant provider options and click on Manage Placements
  • Click on Create Placement


  • Complete the following details:
    • Placement Information block:
      • Label: Enter the Tool Name that will be shown to you and your users (i.e., IntelliCart).

      • Handle: Enter the same an in Label above.
      • Availability: Choose Yes.
      • Type: Select System Tool.
    • Tool Provider Information block:
      • Tool Provider URL: Enter
  • Click Submit.


  • After submitting the placement, click Close Administrator Panel.
  • To see completed LTI, click Tools and then IntelliCart.  


  • IntelliCart inside Blackboard Learn appears below! 



For additional assistance, please email or click HERE.

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