Integration: Blackboard Collaborate Communication Tool

Before getting started:

  • You MUST have an IntelliBoard Next account.
  • IntelliBoard will not display historical data for Blackboard Collaborate meetings (meetings that happened before making connection).
  • Meetings only appear in reporting few minutes after ending.
  • CRON must be run at least every 12 hours in order to track all sessions. If session data has not been sent over within 24 hours, sessions won't appear in reporting.

Step 1:

  • From Moodle LMS system, go to Site Administration > Plugins > Plugin Overview.
  • Find the Collaborate plugin and click on Settings.mceclip0.png
  • From the settings, you will get the credentials required for connection steps later. Keep this tab open.
  • mceclip2.png

Step 2:

  • Log into IntelliBoard with the main subscription email.
  • Click "Integrations".
  • Under Blackboard Collaborate Connection, click "+ Connect".

Step 3:

  • Select Connection from the list.

  • Return to the Moodle Tab (in Step 1). Copy REST Server URL, Key and Secret respectively to BB Collaborate API Endpoint, BB Collaborate Key and BB Collaborate Secret fields.

  • Click "-> Save".mceclip3.png

Step 4: 

  • Upon successful creating the connection, you will be directed to the "Connection" page.
  • Click on the connection (selected in Step 3) to go to the Settings page.
  • Under Blackboard Collaboration Token, click on "Process" - to process the data.
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