IntelliCart LTI Connection to Canvas

Your purchases are waiting... connect the IntelliCart today!

Before you get started... 

  • Prior to creating an LTI connection, you must have an IntelliBoard subscription.  Sign up for IntelliBoard HERE, or work with your Canvas partner. 
  • Prior to creating an LTI connection, you must create a successful connection between your IntelliBoard subscription and your Canvas system.  Additional information on the connection can be found HERE
  • You should have enabled API keys in the IntelliBoard for IntelliCart LTI connection. Contact your Account Executive to turn them on for you.
  • If you are a SubAccount Admin, you should have an access to the main IntelliBoard account for getting API keys. Or contact your main IntelliBoard account holder to provide you keys.
    • NOTE: You, as a SubAccount Admin, can create an IntelliCart connection separate from the global one, so you'll be able to sell unique product specifically for your SubAccount.
  • NOTE: From the Canvas side, enable the "LOR External Tools" feature option.  Questions able enabling the LOR External Tool should be directed to your Canvas CSM. 
  • NOTE: The Global Navigation menu is tied to having Canvas Commons turned on within an environment. If you have Commons turned on, you can add items to the Global Navigation Menu, if not, they aren't able to be added. As Commons is not accessible within the test environments this means that (by unfortunate default) items added to the main Navigation menu will simply not show up in the test or beta environments.


  • Logged in as the Canvas Administrator, select Admin from the navigation menu and then select the preferred Admin Account. 
    • If you are a SubAccount Admin, select your SubAccount from Admin.
  • From the preferred Admin Account, click Settings.
  • From Settings, click on the Apps tabs.
  • From Apps, click View App Configurations.
  • From View App Configurations, click App.


  • Complete the following details:
    • Configuration Type: Change drop down to By URL.
    • Name: Choose any name for your LTI (e.g., IntelliCart).
    • Consumer Key: Return to IntelliBoard > Settings + Options > Servers > Server IntelliCart LTI Credentials (lock icon); copy and paste Consumer Key.

    • Shared Secret: Return to IntelliBoard > Settings + Options > Servers > Server IntelliCart LTI Credentials (lock icon); copy and paste Shared secret.

    • Config URL: Enter

      • If you are a SubAccount Admin, in Config URL enter
  • Click Submit.


  • To see completed LTI, from the navigation menu click on IntelliCart
  • IntelliCart inside Canvas appears below!



For additional assistance, please email or click HERE.

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