Integration: Zoom Communication Tool

Before getting started:

  • You MUST have an IntelliBoard Next account.
  • Your should have Zoom connections enabled for your account. Contact your respective Account Executive or email us!

Step 1: 

Step 2:

  • Log in with your organization Zoom account with admin privileges.
  • Under JWT selection, click on "Create".

Step 3:

  • Name the App (i.e. your organization name) and click "Create".

Step 4:

  • Fill in the required fields and click "App Credentials" (on the left).
  • Copy the API Key and API Token. mceclip8.png

Step 5:

  • Log into IntelliBoard with the main subscription email.
  • Click "Integrations".
  • Under Zoom Connection, click "+ Connect".

Step 6:

  • Select Connection from the list.

  • Paste the copied API Key and API Token (in Step 4) respectively to Zoom Token and Zoom Secret fields.

  • Click "-> Save".mceclip3.png

Step 7:

  • Upon successful creating the connection, you will be directed to the "Connection" page.
  • Click on the connection (selected in Step 6) to go to the Settings page.
  • Under Zoom Token, click on "Process" - to process the data.mceclip3.png
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