IHub Connection: Processing History

In IntelliBoard Next we have created a control panel where you can take a look at all your connections at a glance. Just click on Account > My Connections > Processing History in the navigation menu on the left and you will get to your Processing History page. Let's take a look at all the elements in this section!

The first piece of information is the number of total connections in your account and their status. The bar will help you understand how many connections are completed (in green), how many have failed (in red), how many have been canceled (in grey) and how many are not processing (in white)

Scroll down to see the list of all your connections. You can also use the search bar to look for a specific one in case you have many!

The list will give you the following information:

  • Connection - The name you assigned to your connection
  • Status - It can be completed or failed
  • Processing Attempts - The number of times the connection tried to be reestablished
  • Last Process Date - The date when the data was last processed
  • Creation Date - The date when the connection was created
  • Adapter - The connection type
  • Actions - By clicking here you will have more information about the specific connection

Note: when the connection's status is failed, we recommend to try and process it again and then contact our helpdesk in case it fails once more. To process a connection, click on the connection drop-down menu in the top bar and then on the gear icon (settings) next to the connection's name. In the new page, click on Process data (in green in the top right corner). Click here to know more about Connection Settings.

Click on the View button under Action to access a new page with more information about your connection. 

  1. Here you can see the total number of users, courses, categories and activities in your LMS. You can check if they increased or decreased since the last data processing and compare this data to what you see in your LMS to check that everything is correct.
  2. In the History Process section you can see the time when your LMS data was last processed (start and end time). You can also check how much of the data was processed every day.
  3. In the box with the Connection Info you have a direct link to the profile page of your account, the history process, the connection settings and some more info about the connection (if it's active or not and the creation date).

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