LMS Filters: Google Classroom

The LMS Filters allow you, the IntelliBoard Admin (main subscriber), to choose how Users, Courses, and Activities are visible in your account.

To reach these settings, click on the dropdown menu in the top bar to see the list of all of your connections and then on Manage Connections. Once the new page opens up, click on the menu under Actions and then on Filters.


Course Filters

1. Display courses with the following status(es)

From the dropdown menu, choose the status of the courses that will be displayed in the reports.

  • All Courses - the courses with all statuses will be displayed in reports [Default]

  • Active Courses - only courses tat are active in the LMS will be displayed in reports

2. Display courses created after (Not Required)

Set the date in the calendar for the filter and only courses created after set date will be displayed in the reports.

Note: The filter can be disabled by clicking on the cross icon.


Don't forget to click on Save before leaving the page or click on Cancel to go back to the Connections page without saving your changes!

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