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IntelliCart Products combine the selected courses, sessions, programs, etc. into one unit of sale.

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Step 1: Create an IntelliCart Product

  • From IntelliCart open the Administration.
  • From Administration click on Products
  • In the top right corner of the tab, click on Create New.


Step 2: Write Your Product



1) Name - Name your product as you wish to make it more specific for your audience.

NOTE: This field is required.

2) Product Code - Add the product code if you want for better navigation.

3) Categories - Select categories where this product will be displayed in.

NOTE: This field is required.

4) Price - Add the price to this product in default currency.

NOTE: This field is required.



1) Display start time - Enable start time to select the date when the product will be available for purchase.

2) Display end time - Enable end time to select the date when the product will no longer be available for purchase.

3) Status - Choose whether the product is visible or hidden.

4) Shipping - Enable shipping for the purchase if you want.



1) Seats limit - Enable seats limit (left toggle) to add the number how much seats in this product could be bought (right text box). If enabled, users will be available to purchase only 1 seat for themselves as a regular product.

2) Max seats number per one user - Enable buying seats (left toggle) to add the max number of seats one person can buy (right text box). Read how to add this field HERE. If enabled, in addition to limiting the number of product places above, users will be available to purchase seats for other users.

3) Taxes - Enable taxes for the payment if you want.



1) Image - Add an image that will be displayed on the product's page.

2) Featured Image - Add the featured image if you want.

NOTE: This image will be shown on the featured products block on the Products Catalog page if you mark the product as featured.

3) Short Description - Add the short version of product description if needed.

4) Video - Add a video that will be displayed on the product's page.

NOTE: This will replace the product's image.

5) Description - Add the product description to make it more specific for your audience.

6) Checkout Information - Add the checkout information if needed.

NOTE: This information will appear only when the product is bought.



1) Billing type - Select the type of billing. Whether it is a subscription with recurring payment or regular payment or an installment, it's up to you!

NOTE: Find how to add an installment option in the article from "You may be interested..." block above.

2) Recurring Period - Select the recurring period for the subscription type.

3) Billing Cycles - Add the number of times the billing can be repeated.

4) Subscription expiration action - Select what to do with product enrollment when subscription expired. Read how to add this field HERE (point 6). Available actions:

  • Unenroll from course - Default value (and will be used if this feature disabled) - Unenroll user from courses
  • Keep enrollments active - Do not change enrollments

5) Subscription cancellation action - Select what to do with product enrollment when subscription cancelled by user or admin (if available). Read how to add this field HERE (point 6). Available actions are the same as for Subscription expiration action setting above.



1) Reviews - Select whether product reviews are displayed on the product page or not.

2) Reviews Approval - Select whether admin can approve reviews and comments for them or not. Admins will get special actions for reviews.



1) Enrollment Start - Select the option when the enrollment to the product course(s) will begin. Will it now, when course starts or on a specific date, it's up to you!

2) Enroll Start Date - Choose the specific date when the enrollment will be started if you selected such option on the Enrollment Start step.

3) Enrollment End - Select when users no longer can enroll to the product.

4) Default enrollment duration - Default length of time that the enrollment is valid, starting with the moment the user is enrolled.



1) Theme - Select the theme how product description will be shown.

  • Default - Main product information will be shown in the top of the Description page, and the additional information (description, checkout information, reviews, etc.) will be shown after that.


  • Stream - Main product information will be shown on the right hand side of the Description page, and the additional information (description, checkout information, reviews, etc.) will be shown on the left hand side.



When you are done creating, you'll see all products in the next view.


1) Search - Search products by their names.

2) Status filter - Filter your products by their status (active/inactive).

3) Category filter - Filter your products by the categories they are in.

4) Multiple Actions - Select several products and do the same action for them.

NOTE: This feature will appear only when you select (tick the box) at least one item.

5) Custom fields - Manage custom fields for your products if needed. Read more about Custom Fields HERE.

6) Name - Product Name as entered.

NOTE: If you click on the product name, you'll be redirected to this product in the product catalog.

7) Product Code - Product Code as entered.

8) Category - Category Name(s) this product was assigned to.

9) Courses - Total number of courses assigned to the product.

10) Price - Product Price as entered.

11) Purchased Times - Total number of times the product was purchased.

12) Mark as featured product - Enable check mark to add product to the featured products block in the top of the Products Catalog.

13) Edit - Edit your product.

14) Status - Choose whether the product is visible or hidden.

15) Assign courses - Assign Courses to the selected product.

16) Assign Vendors - Assign Vendors to the selected product. Read more about Vendors HERE.

I.e., if you assign Acme Corp vendor to the product, only users from this vendor will be available to buy the product.

NOTE: If you assign 2 or more vendors, all users are at least in one of these vendors will see this product on the shopping dashboard.

17) Delete - Delete your product.


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