The Library is the page where already created public reports and sets of reports (dashboards) live! You can access it by clicking on Library in the navigation menu on the left and then once again in the tab named Library. Let's take a look at all the different elements that we can find in this page!



When you click on a category from the list, only the reports which belong to the chosen category will be displayed and the opened category’s name is in bold. You can click on All (the first option on the list) to see the reports from all the categories. If there are no reports in the chosen category, a notification will appear saying: Empty library.

The Blocks: Dashboards, Reports

The main body of the page is composed by two blocks which are displayed on the page. The block is not displayed if it is empty so if there is no report in it.


A list of all dashboards is displayed in the block called Dashboards.

A list of all reports is displayed in the block called Reports.

Click on View More next the block's name so that a page where only reports/dashboards that belong to that block are displayed. The total number of the reports/dashboards in the block is displayed in brackets.

Search, Filters and Tags


At the top of the Library page there is a search bar: enter the report’s name or any word contained in the name to find the specific one you are looking for. If the report does not exist, there will be a notification saying: Empty library.

Click on Filters if you want to see only some specific reports. From the dropdown menu under Availability, choose the LMS type to see the reports available for the chosen LMS.

Note: Default option - All. The availability for the reports is set when creating a report.

When you click on Show Only Compatible in the Filters dropdown menu to enable it, in the library you will see only the reports for which all the columns are available for at least one of the LMS connections that are in your account.

Click on the tag(s) under the search bar to filter the reports on the page according to the chosen tag(s). The selected tags are highlighted in blue under the search bar and they will appear in green in the reports.

Note: Tags are added to the reports in the report settings.

Report card


1. The Company’s name

2. The way a report has been created:

  • SQL report - a report that is created via SQL code

  • Visual dashboard - a set of reports that is built via report builder

  • Report - a report that is created via report builder

3. Report’s name (added when creating a report)

4. Report’s description (added when creating a report)

5. Click on the heart to Like a report. The number of times the report has been liked by different users is displayed next to the heart icon.

6. Preview/Connected. Click on Preview to open the report and add it to My IntelliBoard if wanted. When the report opens up, click on Add (in the right corner at the top of the page) in order to add the report to the page My IntelliBoard. You will be redirected to the Builder so that you can make some changes before saving the report to your My IntelliBoard. You can also click on Back To Library if you don't want to add this report to your My IntelliBoard page. Once the report has been added to your My IntelliBoard, you will see Connected instead of the Preview option in the report card.

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