CONCEPT + FAQ: My Datasets

Maximing a personal experience, IntelliBoard's landing page is comprised of two main components: 1) Library and 2) My Datasets.  The Library is the repository of IntelliBoard default datasets, charts, and dashboards.  Created by IntelliBoard, these defaults intend to be added to "My Datasets" and further curated to meet your data needs.  The Library also may contain datasets created, published and approved by your organization.  My Datasets intends to be your specific, high-priority datasets.  

See additional information about the Library here.

My Datasets:

What is My Datasets?

My Datasets intends to be your specific, high-priority datasets.  They are organized into different headers, described in Helpful Terminology section below. 

Why is My Datasets empty? 

My Datasets defaults to being empty, but you can add any Dataset to your My Datasets by going to the Library and adding a datasets.

I can't find a report I know I saw before. Help?

Check the Library first, it may be that you still need to add the dataset to My Datasets.   Additionally, check with your Primary Account Holder or IntelliBoard Admin Team to see if the dataset is associated to your Organizational Role.

Helpful Terminology

IntelliBoard Term  Definition 
  Library  The IntelliBoard Library is the repository of datasets created by IntelliBoard or the Organization.  
  My Datasets   My Datasets is a selection of your high priority, high action datasets.
  Favorites    Favorite datasets are those that have been starred in the Library
  Dashboard   A collection of components; more than one dataset grouped together in a Dashboard
  Reports   A tabular dataset; colums and rows of data. 
  Charts   A visual dataset; bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, etc.
  InForm    Tables of data imported by the Organization or created by IntelliBoard to support additional features.  For example, IntelliBoard uses InForm to support Features of InContact, the communication logging tool.
  Publishing Datasets  The action of sharing a dataset or a dashboard with your Organization.  Before it can be added to the Library or to an Organizational Role, it must be approved.
  Approving Datasets  After a new dataset has been created by someone in your organization, it must be pushlished.  Approving the dataset allows it be added to the Library or to an Organizational Role.


Search by Report Name or Tag

Leverage the Search Bar with a full or partial word search for the dataset title.  If the report does not exist, there will be a notification saying: Empty library.

Click on the circular Tag to narrow by a particular topic.  Tags are added to the reports in the report settings and also displayed in the dataset tile.


Dataset Tile

Each item in the Library is represented by a title, which includes the name, brief description, tags and the number of times the IntelliBoard community has upvoted a dataset.


Dataset Tile

Once in My Datasets, you can also take action on the dataset: 

1) Star:  Use the star to add it to your Favorites. When enabled, the star turns yellow and the dataset is moved to the top section.  To disable, click the star again. 

2) Action Ellipsis: 

Set as Default: Automatically open this dataset when you log on to IntelliBoard

View: Open the Dataset

Edit: If you have Builder permissions, you'll be able to further edit th ereport.

Delete:  Proceed with caution:  If you delete the report that was created or edited by you, it will delete forever and not be recoverable.  If you delete a report added from the Library with no changes, it will be deleted from you My Datasets, but it will remain in the Library.


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