The Notification Dashboard is your place to manage both scheduled reports and conditional events. Conditional events? Think of them as "If/thens"... IF user hasn't logged in X days, then send THIS email. Powered inside, our notifications seek to systemize data sharing. Just click on Notifications in the top menu to start creating them!


  1. Clear All - click here to delete all the notifications and reports that you have previously scheduled; you will have to set them all up again manually.
  2. History - click here to check which notifications and reports have been sent; you will be able to check the notification/report name, the email address(es) that received it, if it was sent manually or automatically, if it was actually sent (or it failed, ir the report was sent but empty) and the date in which it was sent. 
  3. Create New - click here to create a new notification based on a conditional event; find more information in our support page to create new notifications.
  4. Search - type here the name of the notification or scheduled report you are looking for.
  5. List of notifications - in the table you will find a list of all the notifications and reports that have been scheduled, there is also a search bar in case you want to look for a specific one. The column of this table are:
    • Name - the name given to the notification/report
    • Subject - the subject of the email that will contain the notification/report
    • Emails - the email address(es) that will receive the notification/report
    • Connection - the connection connected to the notification/report
    • Status - if the notification is active (blue=sending the report) or inactive (gray=not sending the report)
    • Attachment - the type of attachment that will contain the notification/report
    • Remaining - if you have set up an expiration date for the notification/report, here you will see how many days are left before the expiration
    • Creation Date - when the notification/report was created
    • Actions - click here if you want to Edit or Delete the notification/report


What's the difference between a scheduled report and a conditional event?

A scheduled report is simply data sent via email, in the form of an attachment - CSV, XLS, or PDF, based off the criteria selected in the report. 

A conditional event is more prescribed: If THIS happens, then send THIS email. 

Scheduled reports and conditional events can be sent to multiple people. 

How do I schedule a report?

Schedule any report from within the specific report. Click here for more.

How do I set up a conditional event? 

You'll be able to set up conditional events from the Notification Dashboard found in the Navigation bar. Click here for more.

Are there limits to how many notifications/scheduled reports I can set up? 

No limits! Go wild! Systemize data sharing! 

Who are the notifications sent from? 

All Notifications will come from IntelliBoard <>.  Please add this email to your allowed email addresses to ensure delivery.

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