Scheduled Reports

From your IntelliBoard account, you can export data and share it outside the platform as you wish. When you are viewing a report, click on the Share button and choose the Schedule option (number 3 in the image) if you want to choose a specific frequency and time for you report to be sent. Click here to check in which other ways you can share information from IntelliBoard!


Once you have clicked on Schedule, a new page will open where you can choose different settings for the report you want to schedule. Let's take a look at all of them!

Note: When a report is emailed or scheduled, it will be sent from IB and will come from .


  1. Email - Enter here the email address(es) that will receive the scheduled report; click on enter to confirm each address and move to the next step.
  2. Attachment - Select the attachment type: XLS or CSV.
  3. Frequency - Select how often you'd like the email to be sent. According to what you select here, steps 4 and 5 will change and adapt. 

    Note: If you select Yesterday in Report Date Filter and then set it to be sent daily at 4am, the report will take the data from 4am the previous day to 4am this day. The same works for the Last Week, Last Month, etc.

  4. At - Select the time at which the report will be sent (this option is not available when choosing to send the report hourly in step 3).
  5. On - Select the day on which the report will be sent (this option is not available when choosing to send the report hourly or daily in step 3).
  6. Name - Choose a name for the scheduled report, it will be useful to identify it in the Notification Dashboard.
  7. Subject - Choose here the subject of the email that will contain the scheduled report.
  8. Status - You can decide here whether or not the Scheduled Report is active (=being sent) or inactive (=not being sent).
  9. Expired at - Set the expiration date; leaving this blank will run the report continuously. For example, you may want set the expiration date in correlation with a holiday break, the end of a Semester, or the end of Q4.
  10. Message - Create and format the message which will appear as the body of the email.

Don't forget to Save your scheduled report at the bottom of the screen before leaving the page!


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