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Multi Currency allows you to assign currencies to payment types. This also adds an ability for customers to change the currency during purchasing.

By default, product prices are displayed in the one currency, and customers could pay for them using any available payment type. Multi currency adds an ability to create different payment types for different currencies. Customers will be able to select their preferred currency to pay after adding the product to the cart and using currency selector from the cart.


I.e., you added US Dollars to the PayPal payment gateway and Euro to the Stripe. In this case, if the user wants to buy a product using US Dollars, he'll need to pay by PayPal, and if he selects Euro, he should pay by Stripe. This also allows you to add 2 PayPal (or any other payment gateway) accounts for different currencies.

Before you get started... 

  • Multi Currency should be enabled in your LMS system.
  • You should have permissions for multi currency editing. Contact with admin of your LMS system to assign you.

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  • From IntelliCart, open the Administration.
  • From Administration, click on Currencies
  • In the top right corner of the tab, click on Add.



When you are done creating, you'll see all currencies in the next view.


1) Add - Add new currency to your IntelliCart.


  • Currency - Select the required currency.
  • Rate - Add a rate compared to the default currency (if it's a default, put "1" here).
  • Format - When you select the currency, default format for this currency appears. Define how you write hundreds, tens, numbers after the decimal point, as well as the decimal point itself.
    I.e., in '$1,0.00' format '1' stands for hundreds, '0' between coma and dot stands for tens, '.' is a decimal point, and '00' are numbers after the decimal point.
  • Is default - Mark this currency as a default so that products in the Products Catalog will be displayed in this currency.
    NOTE: You could have only 1 default currency. If you already had one before marking the new one as default, the priority of the previous one will be changed.

2) Search - Search currencies by their name.

3) Name - Currency name as selected.

4) Is Default - An identifier if the currency is in default or not.

5) Code - The unique international literal identifier for the currency.

6) Symbol - The unique international currency symbol.

7) Rate - Currency rate compared to the default one as entered.

8) Create - Date when the currency was added.

9) Edit - Edit your currency if needed.

10) Hide - Delete your currency if needed (you'll be able to add that again, if needed).


  • From the IntelliCart go to Administration > Payment methods.
  • From Payment methods click on Add New button in the top right corner (or Edit action for any existing payment type).
  • Select one option from the Currency drop-down (all added currencies from the previous step will be shown here).



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