IB Users: How to Import IB Users

To share datasets and dashboards with users within your organizations, the Primary Account holder (and others' granted the necessary permission) creates IntelliBoard Users (IB Users) who each have an Organizational Role.  An IB User is a credentialed account within IntelliBoard; this credentialed account can have specific data filters to only see certain datasets. 

Before you get started... 

  • You have to set up two components: 1) Organizational Role and 2) IB User.  

  • You must create an Organizational Role BEFORE creating an IB User. 

  • Additional information including FAQs can be found here


How do I import IB Users?

From your Avatar, click "Manage IB Users".

Then click "Create IB User".

You have 3 options to create IB Users:

1) Create IB User:  Create one user manually (best for initial start up and pilots) 

2) Sync IB Users:  Leverage the LMS permissions and details to create IB Users (recommended) 

3) Import IB Users:  Upload users through a CSV sheet

Please see additional support documentation for each user type.


I want to set up IB User accounts in mass? Can I do that? 


IB Users can be imported, synced or you can turn on an automatic LTI for those who have an instructor or student course level enrollment.  These are all covered in different support documentation. 

Creating manual IB Users allows you to set up your initial team quickly.  
We also suggest you create manual users to pilot a set up or a implementation. 


How to Create IB Users through an Import

Create IB Users > Import IB Users

From "Create IB Users", click "Import IB Users". 

Direct Link: https://next.intelliboard.net/users/import 


Step 1: Select LMS Type

  LMS Type   Drop Down;  Confirm the LMS type to assign the imported IB Users.  This triggers which import file is pulled in Step 3.


Step 2:  Select LMS Connection

  LMS Connection   Drop Down;  Confirm the actual LMS you will assign to the IB Users.  Note the connection ID for the specific connection, noted in parantheses.

Step 3: Import File 

From Import File, download the Sample CSV File and keep reading to understand what each field means and how to fill it in.  Download the corresponding Blank CSV File to create your actual import.

Image Group (Above) Column Letter  Column Headers   Description  Field Requirement
1 A   firstname   Type the user's first name.   Required Field 
1 B   lastname   Type the user's last name.  Required Field 
1 C   email   Type the user's email.  Note the email considerations below. Required Field 
2 D   password  Type the user's password.  Note the password considerations below. Not required; can be bulk assigned in Step 4 below.
2 E   role   Type the ID of the IB Org Role you wish to assign in the import. Not required; can be bulk assigned in Step 4 below.
3 F and beyond assign_   Data Assignment, specific to the LMS.  Please see LMS Assignments below. Not required; can be added through Data Filters.

Important Considerations:

  • Enter at least mandatory details: First name, Lastname, Email. 
  • You can enter information for all columns: First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, Role.  A bulk password and Org Role can be set in Step 4.
  • IntelliBoard uses email as the unique credentialed agent.  If you are trying to create an IB user with an email that already exists in your account (or in another account), it cannot be created.  Please contact HelpDesk@IntelliBoard.net for additional assistance or delete the duplicative email.
  • If the LTI is enabled for IntelliBoard, the IntelliBoard email and the primary email in the LMS must match.
  • To find the specific role number, please go to the Org Role and edit the Organizational Role (Organizational Role > Actions > Edit).  The Role ID can be found at the end of the URL: https://next.intelliboard.net/roles/98, where 98 is the role ID.
  • Password requirements: 
    Minimum 8 Characters; Maximum 78 Characters
    At least one number, one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, and one special character.

LMS Specific Recommendations

Use the Data Filters tables to best identify the unique IDs associated to each data filter.  Click on "Data Filter IDs" to quickly search and copy the unique IDs needed to complete the import file. 

Use the tabs within Data Filters to identify the Data Filters available for the LMS.  The ID column for each tab is the ID needed for the import.  Quickly search for the name, and copy the corresponding ID into your import file.   

In this example, I want to give my IB User the ability to see everything in Term: Summer 2023.  I copy ID 10 to add to my import file.

See additional recommendations here.

Note: If your LMS isn't listed here, please contact HelpDesk@IntelliBoard.net. 

LMS  Data Assignments Available 
Blackboard Learn Users, Courses, Terms, Nodes
Brightspace (by D2L) Users, Courses, Terms, Org Units
Canvas Users, Courses, Terms, Course Categories (SubAccounts)
Moodle and Totara (including Open LMS, Moodle Workplace, Open LMS Work) Users, Courses, Course Categories, Cohorts, User Profile Field, Parent Role


Step 4: Default Values

  Upload Type

  Drop down; select one of the 3 options: 

1) Add new and update existing users
2) Add new only, skip existing users
3) Update existing users only

Note: This is most import when updating existing IB users at the change of terms or permissions.

  Select Org Role   Drop down;  All Org Roles active created by your Organization will automatically be listed.  
  Password   Text Box; Type the user's password.  Note the password considerations below.

Important Considerations:

  • Default Values will override the cells in the CSV import. To provide different Org Roles OR different passwords to the users, please update these in the file.
  • An Organizational Role must be active in order to assign to an IB User; to access IntelliBoard an IB User must have an active Org Role.
  • If you do not see the Org Role you wish to assign, please ensure it is active.
  • Password requirements: 
    Minimum 8 Characters; Maximum 78 Characters
    At least one number, one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, and one special character

Step 5: Click Import Users

Click Import Users once you are done with these steps to import your IB Users.  This will redirect you to a processing page where you will be able to monitor the import.  It is not necessary to stay on this page - the IB Users will continue to import.  However, if there is an error, the Import Sync page will provide the error and troubleshooting tips.


For additional assistance, please email helpdesk@IntelliBoard.net

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