Features Block - Fee settings

Please find the overview of Fee settings in the Features block below.

NOTE: IntelliCart Settings can be found under IntelliCart > Settings tab, OR under Site Administration > Plugins > Local plugins > IntelliCart.


1. Enable Product Fee

Enable this box to add an ability to set up a custom fee for each product. When this is enabled, 3 additional fields will be added to the product editing page - Fee, Fee Type and Fee Title, - where you will be able to customize the additional fee by adding a fee amount, selecting will it be a percentage or a currency, and put your own name for the fee. This fee will be shown in the cart as an additional cost.


2. Calculate tax on products fee

Enabled this box so that the tax will be calculated not by the product price only, but with a fee as well. E.g., you have a product that costs $100. The fee for this product is 10% that is actually $10. And the tax was set up to 20%. If this setting is enabled, the tax will be $20 for the product and $2 for the fee, so $22 in general.

3. Custom fee title

Rename fee on the site level if needed.

NOTE: If you then add another Fee Title for the product, that will replace this custom title.


For additional assistance, please email helpdesk@intelliboard.net

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