Waitlist - Overview

IntelliCart Waitlist allows you to manage the list of users who're waiting for an ability to buy product seat(s).

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Waitlist appears when the maximum number of seats in product was bought. When user clicks on the Add to Waitlist button, his/her name appears in this list.

When the new place appears in the product, IntelliCart sends the notification to the first user from the waitlist with a message that he/she can buy the product. Only the user who received such email can purchase a product then, other users will still have an "Add to Waitlist" button. IntelliCart uses the rule "first in, first out" -- users who added a product to the waitlist earlier will receive notifications earlier, too. IntelliCart removes user's name from the waitlist when the user buys available seats or waitlist duration ends.

Click HERE to read more about customizing the notification that will be sent (point 2). For additional waitlist settings click HERE.


Option 1: Increasing the number of seats

The number of available seats counts by the next formula:


So if you increase the number of seats in product settings, new available seats will appear and notifications to users from the waitlist will be sent.

I.e., you had 20 seats for product, all of them were bought, and User A added a product to the waitlist. Then you increase the number of product seats to 25, so you have 5 more seats for purchasing now. IntelliCart will reserve a seat for User A for a waitlist duration time and send a notification to the user. And 4 more seats will become available for other general users for buying.

Option 2: Cleaning seats after unenrollment

If you enable Clean Seat after Unenrollment setting under IntelliCart > Settings > Configuration > Product expiration, seats will become available when the user unenrolls from the product.

I.e., you had 20 seats for product, all of them were bought, and User A added 1 seat to the waitlist. Manager unenrolls User B from the product, so you have 1 seat for purchasing now. IntelliCart will send a notification to the User A with special key link for buying this 1 seat.

NOTE: The user must be unenrolled from the product, not just from the course.


Find the columns overview below.


1) Search - Search products in waitlist by their names.

2) Multiple Actions - Select several waitlist positions and do the same action for them.

NOTE: This feature will appear only when you select (tick the box) at least one item.

3) Customer - User's Full Name as entered in LMS system.

4) Product - Product's Name as entered that uses added to the waitlist.

5) Created - The date when the user added selected product to the waitlist.

6) Waitlist Order - The customer's order number for the product.

7) Status - The status of notification that was sent to the user.

8) Send Email - Re-send email to the user.

9) Delete - Delete user from the waitlist.


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