Subscriptions - Overview

Subscriptions is a list under Sales tab that shows all customers' subscriptions if they purchased a product with subscription billing type. This will appear only if subscriptions is enabled in the IntelliCart configurations.

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1) Search - Search subscriptions by product name.

2) Status filter - Filter subscriptions by their status.

3) Customer - User's First and Last Name as entered in the LMS system who subscribed for a product.

4) Products - Product Name(s) as entered that was subscribed by user.

5) Subscription Date - Date when the user subscribed for a product.

6) Price - The actual amount user has to pay for the product per billing cycle (including all taxes, discounts and coupons).

7) Recurring Period - The recurring period for the subscription that was set up for a product.

8) Billing Cycles - The number of times the billing will be repeated.

9) Status - Current status of the subscription.

10) Expiration Date - Date when the subscription will become expired.

11) Expire - Expire the user's subscription manually if needed.

12) Cancel - Cancel the user's subscription manually if needed.


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