Products Catalog

Products Catalog allows you to review and purchase/subscribe for products within course, sessions, seats, etc.

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Find the overview of Products Catalog below.


1) Cart - Review products that you have already added to the cart and proceed to checkout from there.

2) Wishlist - Form own list of products that you want to track or buy. More about this feature HERE.

3) Featured Products - Review site-wide recommended products. You can add products to the cart right from here.

4) Price filter - Select the specific price range to filter products by their cost.

5) Product Search - Search for products by their name or description.
NOTE: This search box works with AND rule, and it searches matches in both product name and description. E.g., if you search "Personal Coaching Review", all the products that contain all 3 words in the entered order in their names or descriptions will be shown. 

6) Custom Fields filter - Search for products by the custom fields assigned to them.

7) Products List Type - Select the type option (grid/list) how you want to review product in the catalog.

8) Product - Product item that is selling.

9) New label - Check if the product is just released.

10) Rating - Product rating based on users' reviews. Read how to add them HERE.

11) Product Details - Click on the Details button to review all product details available. Read more HERE.

12) Subscribe - Subscribe for a product. The price per billing cycle as well as recurring period will be shown on this button, too. Read how to checkout HERE.
NOTE: You can do this action only if the subscription billing type was set up for this product.

13) Seats - Put the number of seats you want to purchase and click on cart button to buy the selected number of product places in one time. Read more about this HERE.

14) Add to Cart - Click on this button to add the product to the cart. Read more about this HERE.


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