Guest Access - Setting Up

The Guest Access allows customers to review products and form their cart without need to login. The sign up/in will be required only before payment (when guest clicks on Continue button from the cart). After the sign up/in user will be linked to the Home page, so he would need to go to the IntelliCart and to the cart there again. 

Before you get started... 

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Step 1: Set up Guest access in IntelliCart settings

  • From IntelliCart open the Administration.
  • From Administration open Settings.
  • From Settings select Configuration.
  • Under Configuration find a Guest Access category.
  • Tick on the box near Enable guest access to get the link for the guest access.
  • Check the correctness of the sign in/up page under Enter the url to log in/sign up to your LMS setting.
  • Save settings.


Step 2: Share guest access link

Copy the link you got under Enable guest access setting, and share that with potential customers.



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