Guest Access - Application

The Guest Access allows you, as a customer, to review products and form your cart without need to login. The sign up/in will be required only before payment (when you click on Continue button from the cart). After the sign up/in you will be linked to the Home page, so you would need to go to the IntelliCart and to the cart there again. 

Before you get started... 

  • You must get a Guest Access link for the required LMS system.

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Step 1: Form the cart

  • Use the Guest Access link you were provided to access the Products Catalog.
  • Review products and add required to the cart. Read more about Products Catalog HERE.


Step 2: Process to checkout

  • Click on the Cart icon in the top right corner.
  • From the cart click on Continue.
  • Log in or sign up.
  • Go back to the IntelliCart.
    • If you use BBL LMS system, the IntelliCart will be under Tools in the navigation menu.
    • If you use Canvas LMS system, the IntelliCart will be in the main navigation menu or under SubAccount's (secondary) menu (depending on settings).
    • If you use D2L LMS system, the IntelliCart will be in the top navigation menu.
  • Finish purchasing. Read how to do that HERE.



For additional assistance, please email

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