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Please find the overview of the Product block under Configuration settings below.

NOTE: IntelliCart Configuration can be found under IntelliCart > Settings > Configuration.


1. Buy one product at once

Enable this box so that users will be able to by only one product per time. They will be directed to the checkout page after adding product to the cart.

2. Enable Products Custom Fields

Enable this box to add the Custom Fields option to products which will allow you to add additional setting for your product that will be displayed on the Details page. Read more about Custom Fields HERE.

3. Enable Featured Products

Enable this box to add an action to products for ability to make product(s) as featured. In other words, be able to add products to the product roulette in the top of the Products Catalog.


4. Hide empty categories

Enable this box to hide categories from the Products Catalog that don't have any assigned products.

5. Enable just released products

Coming soon!

6. Enable Reviews

Enable this box to add an ability to add product reviews for your users. Users will be able add reviews to products. This setting will also add additional block of settings to product editing page, where admin can specify review settings for every specific product.

7. Reviews limit

Add the number of reviews per page that will be displayed on the product/instructor details. If there are more reviews to the product than entered number, pagination will appear.

8. Enable Comments

Enable this box to add an ability to comment product reviews for your users. Users will be able add comment existing product reviews.

9. Enable products expiration

This feature allows you to set up a number of weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds from the product purchasing date after which users will be auto unenrolled from the product and course(s) inside it. Users will be able to buy a product again only after this period of time expires. I.e., you set up this setting to 50 days. User buys the product with a course inside on March 1, so he'll be enrolled into this course until April 19. He also won't be able to buy this product one more time until this date. If he wants to continue his enrollment in this course after April 19, he will need to buy the product again.

Enable this box to add a Product Expiration setting to the product editing page.

Enable product expiration to add the number of weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds.



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