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Please find the overview of the Invoice block under Configuration settings below.

NOTE: IntelliCart Configuration can be found under IntelliCart > Settings > Configuration.


1. Enable Invoice Payment

Enable this box to add the ability to pay via invoice for the products. This will add an Invoice option to the checkout page in addition to payment gateways, so customers will be able to select this, and invoice will be emailed to them as a PDF file. This will also add an Invoices tab to Sales, where admins and/or managers will be able to approve or reject them.

2. Attach invoice to checkout notification

Enable this box so that PDF file with an invoice will be sent to all customers after checkout even if they selected any payment gateway for purchasing product(s).

3. Edit Pending Invoices

Enable this box to add an Edit action to Invoices tab, so that admins and/or managers will be able to edit pending invoices to remove some products from the order before approval/rejection.

NOTE: This will be available only for orders where customer selected paying via invoice.


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